Ensemble™ Curve

Vikrell shower

  • Model: 72180126-0


Perfect for replacing an existing 60″ x 32″ bathtub/shower combination, the Ensemble shower stall fits the same footprint and drain configuration as your old unit. With a unique curved design, it pairs a fresh look with exceptional functionality. Built of solid Vikrell® for material strength, durability and lasting beauty, it features a smooth, shiny surface that’s easy to clean. The modular design allows it to be moved around corners and through doorways with ease. Convenient shelves add plenty of storage, and a shaving ledge/footrest adds comfort. Factory-installed Aging in Place backerboards make future grab bar installation easy. The innovative Dry-Block™ seal and channeled water containment system forms watertight seams.


  • 60″ x 32″
  • Vikrell shower with Aging in Place backerbaords
  • Right drain

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